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 Professional Interests: Geographic Information Analysis; Remote Sensing, Statistics; Demography, Cartography, Geopolitics, Development, Humanitarian Affairs, Human dimensions of environmental and technological hazards; global environmental change; policy, planning and management.

2000-2003 M.A. Geography/RMEP SFSU 1998-2000 B.A. Geography/RMEP SFSU 1995-1998 A.A. Geography Chabot College

Professional Affiliations:
American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing/International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing.
American Geophysical Union.
Association of American Geographers.
Association of Pacific Coast Geographers.
United Nations Geospatial Information Working Group.
ICA Census Cartography Working Group
World Wide Human Geography Data Working Group

About Me

I have worked in the area of Technology and Development for institutions such as NASA, The United Nations, World Bank, CARICOM, as well as in over 30 countries. My expertise is in the areas of Development Impact, Geography, International Development, Census and Statistics, Knowledge Management, Geospatial Infrastructure, Open Data, Innovative use of ICT tools and technologies, Imagery Analysis, and Humanitarian affairs. I currently work for ESRI supporting new accounts and white space to advance the use of the platform within Development Organizations, Foundations and Nonprofits to transform aid and development through improved effectiveness, impact and transparency.


Just a quick storymap overview of my work (not exaustive)

Enterprise SDG Monitoring and Reporting Environments


Census Mapping in the Caribbean - A Geospatial Approach
This is a hands- on book that captures work done in preparation of the 2010 World Census in the Caribbean Community member states. I conducted 19 Geographic Information System technical evaluation and assistance missions to develop tools to execute the Census in an accurate, cost efficient & timely manner. The book outlines challenges in each country and describes methods used for enhancing their capacities.
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Previous visual made during work for the PNPM Mandiri Support Facility (PSF) in Indonesia. The Program Nasional Pemberdayan Masyarakat Mandiri(PNPM Mandiri), or National Community Empowerment Program, is an Indonesian Government program aimed at empowering communities and alleviating poverty. The program operates in every sub–district in all of Indonesia’s provinces.


Network Graph visualization of Provinces and Project Commonality

2012 Questions to Ponder from the Oxford Internet Institute: ICTs and Food Futures
1.How can ICT empower equitable competitive food economies?
2.How can we best use ICT to monitor and measure the progress of sustainable food initiatives, using both bottom-up sources and institutional data sets?
3.How do we strenghten the interconnection between design, human agency and food sustainability?
4. How do we effectively develop a common language and collaborate across disciplines in researching food sustainability and technology?
5. What are the enabling conditions and evaluation strategies for ICT to inspire learning and innovation in our food systems?
6. Develop new and better concepts for representing food through ICT
7. How we can build evidence based ICT-tools; applications based on research from different disciplines (rather than the commercial applications now available that are most often not based on scientific research)
8. What role does the consumer play in governing food issues and experiences and how might this change with increased ICT usage?
9. How can or will transparency enabled by ICTs impact on how food is consumed and produced domestically
10. Who has access to the information shadows of food? Should that be made more participatory? And who benefits from that?

mapping for results
World Bank's Mapping for Results


Python Enumeration Area/FC Query Interface

CARICOM Census Map Training Manual 2011

UN Country Map Game- How Many Can You Name?
Press start and enter as many countries as you can.
The player can enter any country in the list of 192 COUNTRIES in the WORLD which are recongized as members of UNITED NATIONS.

Here is a neat UN Webmapping Prototype I constructed with support of ESRI to which I thank greatly for hosting on their server...until now.

Handbook on Geospatial Infrastructure in Support of Census Activities




Geographic Projects
GIS Exercises 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


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